Why Solera?

Here are the reasons

Solera was developed by a small business owner

Dan Berges wrote the entire Solera codebase from 2019 through 2021.

Solera was developed for Berges Institute as a replacement for the previous task management software, which didn't support SOPs with checklists.

Solera is a dedicated SOP manager with checklists

It works out of the box, as it was designed specifically for documenting recurring tasks and generating checklists in a small team setting.

Some task management solutions allow recurrence, but their features are very limited.

Systemizing your business will give you freedom

Solera allows you to create a playbook that lets your team handle everything.

Remove yourself from your business and let your employees run it.

Systemizing your business will improve your bottom line

It will increase your sales by ensuring consistency in your services.

It will reduce your costs by ensuring efficiency in your daily operation.