Solera is simple but powerful

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Solera generates checklists with upcoming and overdue tasks for each member of your team.

They'll have to mark the tasks as done as they complete them.

Overseeing relationships

Managers can be assigned to task directories as followers and/or editors, so they can see the status of the tasks and/or edit them if needed.


Every task completion is logged. Each user can see their own log, and managers can see logs of people under their supervision.

Easy configuration

Solera uses a Linux-like group membership/permission system that makes configuration and tasks and directories reassignment easy and modular.

Is Solera right for you?

Solera is the right choice if:
  • You own a small business or manage a team of people that have to do plenty of recurring tasks.
  • The people you manage sometimes forget how to do certain things.
  • The people you manage sometimes don’t know how to do certain things.
  • Although you also focus on hiring good people, you believe in process-driven operations.
Solera may not be the right choice if:
  • You own/manage a project-based firm (design, web development, architecture, etc.).
  • Being on top of your team all the time works better in your specific situation.
  • You only manage 1-2 people.
  • Your operations are people-dependent, and documenting processes is secondary.